Artist in residence

The application to attend our artist in residence program is now closed. Next round of applications will be open at the beginning of 2023

Seanse Art Centre is the only center in the country that offers residence within all art genres and all stages of development. Both individual artists and groups are welcome to apply. The residence is arranged in June and October. In total, 20 to 25 art projects will be granted residence each year.

Fees, travel and accommodation.

Working as an artist is a profession, therefore each artist is given the cost of travel and accommodation, as well as a fee during their stay.


Mentors with artistic and pediatric expertise follow you during the process. If necessary, it is possible to obtain external guidance from the campus and the many employees at Volda University College.


No one is good at everything, and during Seanse's residence program you get to participate in an interdisciplinary artist college. Good for you, good for the others.

Good working conditions

There will be an opportunity for both focused work alone, in conversations and feedback from other artists. Seanse strives to offer rooms according to the project's needs.


With a long and good collaboration with schools and kindergartens in the local area, we arrange test screenings after dialogue and agreement with the mentors.

Photo and Film

During the stay, photos and films will be taken and made available for each projects. We know that good material for use in applications and promotion is important and difficult to obtain.

Artist giving feedback on a project during Open Stage

About the application

All applications are considered. At the same time, we have a dialogue with our Artistic Council and the general community for various thematics in addition to the usual applications. For 2022, the focus was on participatory art. This could be art projects/productions with different approaches to involvement, participation and/or co-creation.

In the application we look for:

  • Description of the project
  • Who is the target group?
  • Which Phase? Idea, planning or final phase?
  • Idea phase, planning phase or final phase?
  • Simple budget that describes how the project is intended to be financed beyond and/or before the stay at Seanse.

The application form opens from the first working days into the new year with 1st of March as the last deadline for submitting. Minor changes can occur.

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