Privacy Policy

This privacy statement describes how Seanse collects, uses, and retains personal information. Personal information is any form of data, information, information and assessment that can be linked to you as an individual. The center manager at Seanse is responsible for processing personal data. Privacy Ombudsman.


Our website address is: https://www.seanse.no

This privacy statement describes how Seanse collects, uses, and retains personal information. Personal information is any form of data, information, information and assessment that can be linked to you as an individual. The center manager at Seanse is responsible for processing personal data. Privacy Ombudsman can be reached at personvernombod@hivolda.no

Seanse processes personal data mainly for the purpose of managing and facilitating art production and for the purpose of providing and providing services in the art field. We record information that we need in our communication with partners and the outside world that we need to be able to fulfill our obligations and to manage the relationship with the users of our services.

Seanse processes personal information that applicants for artist residency submit in the application, with the purpose of evaluating the applications. We publish decision lists with grants for applications for artist residency. The publication is part of the work for more openness and equal treatment in the application process. We delete information from applications that do not result in stays.

If you receive a grant from Seanse, we will also process and retain information on withdrawals and payments for the purpose of keeping Seanse’s accounts. This treatment is necessary to comply with legal obligations imposed by Seanse.

In connection with the seminar and event we are responsible for, we collect information such as names and contact information, in addition to food allergies and need for preparation. This information is not used for any purpose other than to administer the event. Only names and organizations will be published on participant lists and possibly shared with others.

As a rule, evaluation forms sent out after the activity must be answered anonymously. If this is not the case, this will be stated. The purpose of such analyzes is to evaluate and improve our information flow, activities and services. The responses from the evaluations and registration information will be deleted as soon as they are processed at an aggregate level or the event in question is completed.

Personal information we share with carefully selected partners and with members in councils and committees is subject to strict confidentiality obligations. Seanse uses data processors for some of the processing activities. The data processors are subject to data processing agreements with Seanse and cannot even control your personal data. For more information contact Seanse.

Seanse communicates about artists / performers about their projects on our website, in our social media and through other channels such as magazines and news channels. The motive for communication is to promote content to increase the visibility and understanding of art and art production and promote its place in society.

Seanse is not responsible for any personal information that occurs when streaming webinar, lecture or other presentations using digital solutions, where the live stream contains audio from and / or video. Upon recording, Seanse will edit this prior to publication under a contract between Seanes and its affiliates. In the questionnaire round of participants, questions are asked to lecturers without personal information being revealed in any way. This is not stored anywhere else then the platform which the question was asked. Seanse is not responsible for any other platforms and other other privacy policies apply.

When using streaming services such as Zoom or similar, the default settings of the streaming service will be enabled so that participants can log in without sound and camera. Participants may even change their own name after login. Participants consent to being visible in the video by turning on audio and/or picture in the stream themselves.

If recordings are made in streaming services such as Zoom, it will be announced in advance of the lecture/webinar to the participants who have the opportunity to anonymize themselves and turn off the audio/picture/name. For more info, we will refer to this privacy statement.

When you use seanse.no, you agree to the setting of cookies in your browser. We do not collect personal information beyond users’ IP addresses, and we cannot use the information to identify individual individuals. When we use Google services, we also share information with them. Ie allowing Google to access your IP address and visitor history and link it to your Google Account to better customize its services to you. Seanse also shares information with Facebook. By using a cookie, we can identify groups of users who visit our website. We cannot identify individuals.

Seanse retains personal information as long as he or she is registered as one of our contact persons in the relevant business and as long as Seanse and he has a mutual interest in having contact. We are constantly working to maintain good internal privacy practices for the information stored in our electronic and physical archives. In some cases, your name will be stored in the system due to archival and historical purposes. If you wish, you have the right to request access to the information that is registered about you in order to verify that it is correct, complete or relevant. You can have them fixed, supplemented or deleted at any time. You can do this by contacting seanse at info@seanse.no. If you believe we have not complied with our obligations, you can complain to the Data Inspectorate.

We may, without notice, change or update this Privacy Statement. The latest version will be made available at this address. In the event of significant changes, we will post a message on the site and / or inform you in other channels.

The Terms govern everything we do in the collection, processing, use of data and your rights to access, change and delete personal information. By using our channels you agree to the terms.

You can also find privacy information at datatilsynet.no.