Step me a Poem

Håkon Sigernes, Janne Eraker og Marius Graff

Performing arts / dance / music – 6-10 years

Steppoetene – two tap dancers and a musician – communicate with the children in a language that everyone can understand; with rhythms and music. The children are invited into a linguistic play with poems and nursery rhymes, and get to clap, pedal, shout, dance – and let their legs go like knitting needles. The performance has an underlying message that music and rhythm exist in all of us, as a separate way of expressing ourselves. The steppe poets want to give the children an experience that rhythm and bodily expression are something we all have in common. For children who have difficulty fitting in or making themselves understood, we want to open the door to a world of new expressions.

Photo: Kristian Glomnes, Seanse