We help children to experience and express themselves through art.

We achieve this by arranging Artists in residence, seminars, workshops and conferences.

Seanse Art Center is a national development arena for art production in all genres. In addition to artist residency, we organize artist meetings, art workshops, conferences, webinars and a Small Arts Festival every 3 years (children 0-6 years). Seanse has many partners and collaborators, and has initiated the international ITAC Conferences and Collaborative network.

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Phone: +47 70 07 50 00
E-mail: info@seanse.no


Marit Ulvund
Marit Ulvund

Phone: +47 70 07 53 65
Mobile: +47 930 69 526
E-mail: mu@hivolda.no

Center Director Marit Ulvund is Associate Professor (PhD) in Theatre, with education from NTNU in Norway, University of Minnesota in the United States, and Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Her PhD thesis is a practice-led study in Echo Theatre, a new theatre method she has developed. The study confirms that while there is potential for Echo Theatre to support the development of performative and narrative competencies in students, the effectiveness of this directly relates to the teacher’s theatre knowledge and skills and didactic attitude towards the students.

Her focus as a researcher and center director revolves around theatre practice, arts in education and art for and with children. Marit has been with SEANSE since its founding, and as director is responsible for the center’s strategic vision, funding, administration and planning.

Karstein Solli
Karstein Solli

Mobile: +47 905 95 459
E-mail: sollik@hivolda.no

Artistic Leader Karstein Solli is a performing artist and a lecturer in acting, drama and theater communication. He graduated as a preschool teacher and has mime and theater education from Ecole Jaques Lecoq in Paris, Desmond Jones School of Mime, London and the Mime Department at the State Theater School in Amsterdam. He is a choreographer and a stage director and has since 1987 been producing solo performances as well as having large productions under his direction. Solli’s artistic work is often characterized as an intersection between dance, theater and performance. He has been touring in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, the United States, Brazil and in Chile. Solli is currently a lecturer in the BA study programme at Høyskolen for Dansekunst, Oslo. Since 1997 Solli has been a regular receiver of the Norwegian State Income for Artists.

Kristian Glomnes
Kristian Glomnes

Phone: +47 70 07 54 83
Mobile: +47 91 31 99 30
E-mail : kristian.glomnes@hivolda.no

Producer Kristian Glomnes
Through Seanse, he facilitates so children and young people will be able to experience and express themselves through art by arranging artist in residences, seminars, art workshops, webinars and conferences. With a background in Drama & Theater and pedagogy from Volda University College, IT in education from NTNU, marketing and IT management from Norwegian Buisness School, he works to strengthen the role of the arts in Norwegian society, and on the development and cooperation between the art field and education.

With a background in drama pedagogy and a love for technology, he sees a lot of connections between the fields, especially computer games (immersive), which has resulted in a three-part webinar series. All the webinars are available in their entirety online and were conducted in 2021-22.

Silje Grev
Silje Elise Grevsnes

Phone: +47 70 07 52 37
Mobile: +47 95 10 30 59
E-post: silje.grevsnes@hivolda.no

Producer Silje Elise Grevsnes holds a Bachelor of Culture and Social Science specializing in aesthetic subjects from the University of Bergen. She holds a master’s degree in social planning and management from Volda University College. Silje has practical experience with various artforms and has tried different subjects; from darkroom work to Chinese calligraphy. She has served as cultural director in the municipality of Lebesby for three years. There she was also a cinema manager and participated in many events, projects and productions. She has been a cultural trainee in Kom Trainee, where she among other things worked in the Opera in Kristiansund. Silje also has experience as a producer through the start-up of her own enterprise Kulturbygda.

As an arena for the production of art, Seanse is unique in its combination of a residency, artistic and pedagogic guidance, economic support and providing practice audiences…There is also complete agreement that this role serves a purpose and fulfills a need.

Telemark Research Institute

Evaluation of Seanse

Høgskulen I Volda

Senase Art Center were selected to lead the Cultural Rucksack’s country-wide project INK2013 to improve art access for children and youths with special needs. Seanse’s main engagement does however continue to be supporting the production of art for and with children – since 2004 we have hosted almost 774 artist in around 363 productions.

As part of our work for children and young people in Norway, we also work with international actors to bring experiences from outside here. Seanse has with contributors from abroad arranged the Small Art Festival, which takes place every 3 years.

We know that good art programs contributes to children’s development such as problem solving skills, creativity, critical thinking and ability to adapt. Art is important as a way to reach and deepen understanding and access alternative perspectives. Through sharing our expertise, piloting new art practices, conferences, research, seminars and supporting high-quality productions, we work to improve art for and with children.


Eric Booth

Eric Booth

Teaching Artist

Eric Booth joined Seanse's artistic council out of enthusiasm for the high quality and development of Teaching Artistry in Norway. He is the most prominent leader and the advocate of Teaching Artistry in the United States, and has contributed to the development of the field in over 30 countries. He helped start the first International Teaching Artist Conference in 2012 together with Seanse Director Marit Ulvund, which has further led to a year-round organization, ITAC Collaborative. Eric has published seven books, over 40 articles, published Teaching Artist Journal (peer-reviewed academic journal) and consulted on Teaching Artistry with over 40 of the largest arts organizations in the US including 41 years at Lincoln Center, and years with Carnegie Hall, Juilliard and seven of the ten largest orchestras in the United States. Read more about ITAC's history and the International Teaching Artist Conference here.

Karin Augusta Nogva

Karin Augusta Nogva

Visual artist

Nogva is educated at the Bergen College of Art and Edinburgh College of Art, with a Master's in Art. She is active on the art scene in various genres such as performing arts, storytelling with paper clips, tea ceremony - an interdisciplinary collaboration with the trio, Noriaki and performative work as Bird Watcher. In the visual arts, she works with drawing and graphics on paper and textile. Thematically, it is nature and the environment that preoccupies her, our consumption and the nature that is put at risk. She is inspired by Japanese craft tradition and has been on study trips to Japan several times.

Nogva has developed several productions at Seanse as a participating artist. She is particularly concerned with the interdisciplinary opportunities Seanse's residence provides and the network it creates. She sees that contemporary artists often work within a common theme, but each art form has its own instrument. Interdisciplinary collaboration in an art production enhances several senses for the audience.

More about her work here

Johannes Joner

Johannes Joner

Actor and art advocate

Johannes Joner is a Norwegian actor, director and screenwriter. Johannes has been employed at Oslo Nye Teater since 1988. Previously, he has worked at, among others, the Nationaltheatret, Torshovteatret, Nordland Teater, Rogaland Teater and the TV theatre. In parallel, he has had significant and high-profile roles in films and TV series. Recently, he is currently in the feature film HAN and as the role of IQ in the popular series Snøfall. Johannes has been a member of the arts council since it was established, where he contributes to help children and young people experience art, as well as attending several seminars at home and abroad. Through Seanse and Volda University College, he has taken the exam as one of the first Teaching artists in Norway. In 2022, he sat on the jury for awarding support to projects in the ITAC IMPACT: Climate initiative.

Irene Rosenblom

Irene Rosenblom

Subject coordinator for The cultural school bag in Trøndelag County Municipality

Irene Rosenblom is subject coordinator for The cultural school bag in Trøndelag county municipality, and has previously been a music producer for school and kindergarten aswell as district musician for the concerts in Nord-Trøndelag county municipality.

For several years, Irene led the county's and municipalities' work with the Vrimmel cultural festival. She has been responsible for annual program screenings, conferences, municipal cooperation, production and programming within cultural heritage, performing arts, film, music, visual art and literature in The Cultural School Bag. Now she is the project manager for the national network arena SPOR in the cultural heritage field in The cultural school bag.

Ellen Saur

Ellen Saur

Professor - Department of Pedagogy and Lifelong Learning NTNU

Ellen works at the intersection between pedagogy, disability theory, counseling and theatre. She is concerned with the critical dimension in knowledge understanding and knowledge development, and in particular how different understandings of quality play out. Art and culture are an important access to knowledge and understanding. She wants to contribute to ensuring that this has a place in upbringing and education in particular, and life in general. The importance of the physical environment for the experience of meaning, inclusion and social interaction is also an area of interest where collaboration with architecture and design environments is important. Theoretically, she often works based on the works of Bakhtin, Winnicott, Foucault and Braidotti, but is also inspired by art and cultural theory taken from Bell Hooks and Petra Kuppers, among others. In her research she uses various qualitative methods, art-based methods and discourse analysis.


Johann Roppen

Johann Roppen

Chairman - Principal at the University of Volda

Johann is the principal at the University of Volda and a Norwegian professor of journalism. He has a major in mass communication and media knowledge (now media science), which he took at the University of Bergen in 1992, and in 1997 he began work on a doctoral thesis at the same place. He defended his doctorate in 2003, with the thesis "Orkla's long revolution. Group, editors and journalism in Orkla Media's Norwegian newspapers 1985–2000", which is about ownership and media groups, media policy and journalism.

Unni Hagen

Unni Hagen

Board member - Dean, Department of Cultural Studies at Volda University

Experienced manager in higher education with a documented track record as a manager coach and change supervisor in teacher training and schools. Skilled in the hands of change management in higher education. She has a long-term interest in challenging silo thinking/practice, especially how to build collaboration across organizational barriers that promote innovative, creative and cultural practices. Ph.D. from London University, Institute of Education in the field of international education policy and comparative educational leadership.

Ragnhild Holsvik

Ragnhild Holsvik

Board member - Head of art and culture promotion section at Møre og Romsdal County Municipality

Ragnhild is in the culture department's management group and works with the operation and development of The Cultural School Bag, DKS, Ungdommens Kulturmønstring, networking and grant schemes in MR county.