Recycling the Past

Hrafnhildur Einarsdóttir, Emelie Wångstedt og Martina Francone

Danseforestilling – 13-15 år

«The project Recycling the past takes its starting point in our memory. We look into how memory works and explore different approaches of tracing the past. The piece is going to be an interactive performance for children: at the end of the piece the young audience will be invited into a movement game where they recall their own memories of the performance they just saw and create their own performance to close the show.»

«The three of us have been involved in projects together since graduating from Laban in London 2009, but have not collaborated on a joint project for some years, which provides us with an additional starting point of tracing our individual paths and crossing points during this time. We are also interested in comparing our memories of the same events. We will work with mapping to visualise our paths and meeting places, which will serve as a score to the piece. Later on we see this map as a part of our interactive performance game we invite the children to take part in. We would provide them with objects, movement ideas and sounds to choose from in order to create their own fantasy world map, recalling their own memories.»