Micro & Macro

Satoshi Haga and Rie Fukuzawa

Teater/dans – 13-19 år

Satoshi Haga (illustrator/dancer) and Rie Fukuzawa (choreographer/dancer) both live in New York but are both originally from Japan. They used the residency program to develop their MICRO and MACRO” project.  With Satoshi’s drawing artworks they created a microcosm world with dance choreography and by drawing art projections in the theater space. In this project they want to communicate that “in order to move forward to the depths we desire, we must focus on evolution and movement of the “Asian body” and collaborate artworks». They worked on developing a style of synthesizing Western techniques of dance, mime, and drama with Eastern forms, including Japan’s traditional contemporary theater and dance as well as Tai Chi and Balinese dance. Having integrated these influences, they now worked on enriching and developing their own style.