Loki is taking a holiday

Anima Mundi Puppet Theater

Puppet Theater – 6-12 years

Can your wardrobe be the starting point for a puppet show? Anima Mundi Puppet Theater gives old rags new life. They want the show to encourage reuse, but also play and imagination. From piles of clothes we see how a tablecloth and some shirts suddenly become the character Loki. We get to follow his journey through the nine different worlds that are called Norse cosmology, and  meet different characters who suddenly appear from the piles of clothes. At Seanse, Anima Mundi Puppet Theater has worked to develop the form of the performance, and to discover what fantastic creatures can appear on stage.

Contributors: Maria Bech Urland, Aksel Konstantin Molteberg, Guro Solberg og
Mathias Leander Olsen.