Hellig Lek – Leken Hellighet

Anna Nerdrum Bøgwald, Morten Uglebjerg Norli & Kristina Farstad Bjørndal

Clowing/circus – 6-12 years

Can play be called holy? Holiness can be perceived as something behind religious dogmas and on a deep level be meaningful to people. Anna Nerdrum Bøgwald and Morten Uglebjerg Norli consider the game holy and must be treated with deep respect and care. Play can be linked to a universal love that connects us humans with each other, and it is closely linked to art and creation. Through modern circuses and clowning, the performers seek to meet the audience and bring out the best in each one. The music is by Julie Holmegaard Schade / Kristina Farstad Bjørndal. At Seanse, the performers have developed different sequences of the performance, and received guidance in relation to relevant target groups etc.

With them from Zoom in Denmark: Julie Holmegaard Schade