Piero Issa, Carlos Catun, Nicolay Lopez,
Fahil Anweri, Jon Tombre & Even Børsum

Documentary / Dance – 15 years +

Why do some of the world’s most dangerous gangs feel threatened by something as seemingly harmless as breakdance? GATO represents flight, poverty and fear, but also art, hope and strength. Through Gato’s history, we gain insight into what the world can be like, with key words such as poverty, borders, oppression, aid, charity, solidarity, art and culture. What are the commonalities between GATO and those who created hip hop / breakdance? Why did the culture grow? A close group of friends who have been through a lot will together tell about the need to express themselves and go through cultural expressions and art forms, especially in relation to Breakdance and Hiphop culture to tell their stories.