From the sea

Maja Skogstad, Even Grimsgaard, Even Vesterhus,
Fredrik Einevoll, Line Møller Christensen

Audiovisual Performing Arts – 13 – 30 years

From the Sea is a devising project that is co-produced together with Festspillene in Northern Norway and premieres in Harstad in June 2021. The starting point for the work is a wonder and exploration of people’s attraction towards the sea. With reference to the character Elida in Ibsen’s “The Lady From the Sea”, one wonders if humans would have been more fullfiled if they had returned to the sea? Or maybe being in the ocean? In addition to being by the sea, the performers use their own experiences and references to the sea to develop the material for the performance. At Seanse, the project has worked with text, sound, image and character development, and at the same time explored how to balance the narrative in a sensuous journey to the depths of the sea.