Ann-Helen Schjølberg, Frank Havrøy & Evelina Petrova

Musical theater – 6-12 years

In “Orange-Herman: Cabaret, wild animals and diamonds”, cabaret meets contemporary music and Russian folklore. The concert performance is based on the life of Herman Hansen, also known as Orange-Herman. In the 1800 hundres he started selling oranges working is way up renting carnival costumes, as a sprinter, juggler and acrobat, he then built up a menagerie of wild animals and toured around Norway with his own circus, and in 1844 he traveled to Russia and managed to return as a very rich man, without animals but with but with diamonds. In addition to the popular entertainment of the time, the performance reflects on people’s inherent creativity, curiosity and desire to see.


Foto: Kristian Glomnes, SEANSE