Absence x Grieg

Absence Crew

Dance/breakdance – 7-90 years

What do you get when you combine classical music and breakdance? Absence x Grieg! The breakdance group Absence from Bergen has been inspired by another Bergen native; Edvard Grieg. Through hip hop, modern dance, physical theater and mixed music, they explore how Grieg worked on composing some of his greatest works. How did Dovregubbens Hall come about? What or who inspired Grieg to create music? Was it the poems, or the nature? Or were they simply everyday situations? During their stay at Seanse, they have gone into various musical works by Grieg and explored sounds from music-sheet that are curled, thrown and ironed together together with beats and movements.

Medvirkende: Piero Issa, Ole Petter Knarvik, Christopher Cardoso,  Alexander Deither Andersen, Christopher Bottolfsen, Halvard Haldorsen & Andreas Hammersvik