Artist residency 2020

Many thanks to all the artists who contributed to two inspiring, productive, educational weeks with art productions that will eventually delight children, young people and adults in many parts of the country!

Seanse has this autumn received 29 artists from 11 productions in Volda. We had visits from all over the country with art projects in visual art, music, dance, theater, literature, digital communication, film and animation, divded the art projects into cohorts with the 1-meter rule in mind.

Overview of the projects:

Hans og Grete
Det var en gang, det ble et nå

Imminent Departure
Loke tar ferie i Norrøn Kosmologi
Fra Havet
Animation in Education

The artists mainly work with their own productions, and receive guidance from Seance’s mentor staff. At the same time Seanse’s goal is to create artistcolleges that can give each other artistic input from different perspectives, and enrich and complement each other’s productions. During the Open Stage, all the groups share some of their artistic work, and are given the opportunity to give professional feedback to each other. This autumn’s productions ranged from the start phase to completion fase with a test audience. Several art projects were tested with children and young people in the premises at Seanse, kindergarten and classrooms.

The artist in residence that was intended for June were canceled (with heavy hearts). We hoped for a long time to be able to accept artists from Cuba, Denmark, Great Britain, Sweden and Germany who were granted residence this autumn, but due to Covid-19 and entry and quarantine rules, it simply wasn’t possible. We chose to offer fees to the artists and art projects who could not come to Seanse, after assessing applications with an outlined work plan. Artists are also offerd digital guidance from Seance’s mentor staff. This has been very well received!

The next application deadline for artist residencies is March 1, 2021!

(Artist at residence week 42, 2020)