Registration For The Fifth International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC5) Now Open

The Fifth International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC5) has moved online – and registration is now open!

Our South Korean hosts have designed an abundant conference, and it will take place digitally from 14th – 17th September, focusing on the themes:

Boundaries into New Pathways:
– Unlearning
– Local & Nomadic Practices
– Peace & Reconcilliation


Artists from around the world have been making efforts to carry on their practices despite the COVID-19 pandemic. ITAC5 is also transforming itself into a different format, in order to ensure safety while upholding the values it has been standing for — Digital Conference.

The conference is filled with engaging sessions, activities, informal and formal discussions, opportunities to connect with new colleagues and with leading artist-educators around the world. Registered conference delegates will have a variety of ways they can choose to participate, from interacting in and out of sessions, to creating conversations of particular interest to you. 

In this time of disruption and isolation, ITAC5 celebrates our community, as we explore and learn individually and together over these days packed with inspiring and bold innovations and ideas. Sure, we will miss being together, but what a rare opportunity to join with colleagues from around the world from your own home. 

For more information on the program details, check the Program section. 

ITAC5 is organized and hosted by Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES), a government institution agency under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


The 3-day conference registration fee (including the pre-conference activities) is much less than in the past because it is virtual. They recognise that the ITAC community and sector has been hit hard by COVID-19, and this has financially impacted many of us. Therefore, they ask that if you are a member of an institution, organisation or have been less affected financially by the crisis, you contribute the full conference fee as usual. This allows us to offer the reduced fee to those who wish to attend but cannot afford the full amount. We rely on those who are able to pay it forward, to support less-fortunate colleagues. The ITAC5 team appreciate the generous cooperation and support.  

For more information visit for registration, prices and information.