Karstein Solli nominated for the Freelance Award

The freelance award honors freelance actors who, in their preliminary career, and / or over the past year, have worked purposefully and varied in their acting work, shown a willingness to further develop and renew their knowledge, have contributed positively to the freelance environment and who have gladly made a efforts beyond the ordinary to promote the condition and environment of freelance actors in Norway.

This year, the award of the Freelance Prize will be streamed directly from the Det Andre Teateret’s stage right into the thousand homes. We will create an unparalleled folk party in honor and honor of all the country’s freelance actors. An evening full of wonderful entertainment and the very best atmosphere.

Streamed directly from the Det Andre Teateret
Thursday, June 11, 9 pm – 10 pm

Karstein Solli is a colorful and playful interdisciplinary artist. He is a creative and performing artist, director, choreographer and educator. He has worked in the free field since 1987 and through his work has been responsible for over 40 productions under his own direction and has been commissioned as executive, director and supervisor in more than 100 productions. He blends art and pedagogy in an excellent way and is listened to in the performing arts world, both artistically and politically. He has guided actors, dancers and other performers from the free field for over a decade via his position as artistic director for Seanse in Volda. His production is known for being distinctive performances that have garnered good reception and recognition over the years.

Watch video of Karstein when he learns the news that he has been nominated.

Text from Skuespillesenter.no