The Condition of things is an offer to all artists in all fields of art. It is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with practices and approaches across genres and expressions. And not least, explore an exciting topic.

Join Seanse’s interdisciplinary digital webinar.
Date 24th & 25th of March 2021!
Starts at 12:00 PM both days and ends around 3.00 PM

Is a work of art always an object? And how do artists in different art forms relate to the use of things and for example; pliers?

Social anthropologist Håkon Fyhn will give a philosophical introduction to the workshop. Come and participate in art practice together with exciting and experienced international artists! The moderator for the workshop is Marit Ulvund, director of Seanse

The Condition of Things was intended to be made as a physical workshop, but we have chosen to turn it into a webinar due to restrictions on Covid-19.

The various art genres have different understandings and practice on how objects are handled. For example, changing the meaning of an object in a specific context may be a director’s grip in theater. Visual art is in a special position because it is often immortalized for posterity as it is an object, for example in a museum or gallery. The art object may rise or fall in value, sold and purchased. Music compositions and drama in the form of notes, lyrics and drama are preserved for posterity, however the concerts and theatrical performances are experienced in a fleeting moment. Many contemporary theater and dance performances are based on physical and visual expressions and are “objects” that may disappear in history, even if documented through photo and film. Performing arts is therefore referred to as “perishability art”. The same may to some extent be said about improvised music, it’s not easy to repeat.

Everything that is dead quivers.
Not only the things of poetry, stars, moon, wood, flowers,
but even a white trouser button
glittering out of a puddle in the street…
Everything has a secret soul,
which is silent more often than it speaks

(The painter Wassily Kandinsky 1866-1944)

A common feature across the art forms is that objects are “animated” and given a new and different power. In puppet theater and animated films, objects and figures are animated, they are “given life”. This is reminiscent of the child’s play where both animation and animation of objects are used when roles and actions are explored. Children practice life both concretely and emotionally. Children and young people as an audience are therefore often open to the ambiguity of objects even in professional art.



With us to explore this topic, the following artists will hold their presentation

Andrés Galeano, Spain – Visual art

Johannes Bergmark, Sweden – Music/perfomance

Angie Hiesl, Germany – Dance/visual art

Rachel Warr, UK – Puppetry/theatre

Karstein Solli, Norway – Dance/performing art


The event is free and open to everyone with registration.

We look forward to two digital days with innovative and cross-genre work with eminent artists!

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