ITAC Collaborative invites project proposals

As an artist who engages with participants, you are good at creating community. ITAC now offers a chance to build community among your fellow artists around the world.

Lead an ITAC project with international colleagues—receive a stipend to become one of the first ITAC Innovators.

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After a successful pilot year, ITAC (International Teaching Artist Collaborative) is growing with new funding.  ITAC can now offer a stipend to say thanks for running a small-scale project that has a large-scale impact on our field. 

To this end, ITAC requests two kinds of project proposals:
1) some from people who wish to lead one of our proposed projects (see
2) some from people who wish to suggest a passion project of their own.
ITAC is the first global network of artists who work in community and educational settings.  ITAC Innovators get to create new connections, to imagine and shape projects that grow and support the foundations of this field. 

We seek committed, proactive leaders for these projects, each of whom will work with a small international team of ITAC volunteers to create a meaningful new advancement for their global peers. Details of our proposed projects are below.

The Proposed Projects Proposed projects for which we are seeking ITAC lnnovator leaders: Launching a communications vehicle, perhaps a monthly newsletter, with relevant, useful, inspiring, up-to-the-minute content for network members. This will include exploration into most engaging ways to communicate with artists—you can create the vehicle that connects the global field.  Creating an inventory of the arts networks and individual teaching artists at work in a select group of countries, connecting them to ITAC and mapping them in the TAG Asset Map. Be the first to reach out to a nation’s teaching artists, and to make the networks that connect them and make them visible. This work will serve as a model for other countries to undertake similar inventories. 

Open Call projects
Those projects don’t excite you?  Tell us what does!  We invite you to propose a project that you are passionate to lead that will build the global field in a clear and substantive way. It should include a volunteer working group from at least three other countries (we can help find volunteers), and should meet the following criteria.

Projects should aim toward one or more of these goals
– To create networks and global partnering, helping practitioners learn from one another and share ideas.
– To improve the practice of Teaching Artistry. 
– To raise awareness of Teaching Artistry (or whatever term you prefer to use), and how it addresses community and educational challenges.
– To add to the understanding of our field as a whole.

Support Available
ITAC is able to support several Innovator Project leaders with a stipend of £1,600 GBP each.

How to apply
Before beginning the application, please click the blue button below to download and read the criteria. Application forms are included in the Criteria document. Completed forms should be returned to

The deadline for application entries is midnight (GMT), February 13th, 2020. 

If you have any questions
After reading the criteria, if you have any follow up questions you can email for further information.

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