We help children to experience and express themselves through art.

We achieve this by arranging Artists in residence, seminars, workshops and conferences.

We believe in an expanded and improved art practice in education, and the development of partnerships between the arts, schools, and kindergartens. We started and have led the national initiative to bring the Teaching Artist model to Norway since 2012 and one of the founders of the inernational Teaching Artist network ITAC.

Contact us

Phone: +47 70 07 50 00
E-mail: info@seanse.no

Marit Ulvund
Marit Ulvund

Phone: +47 70 07 53 65
Mobile: +47 930 69 526
E-mail: mu@hivolda.no

Center Director Marit Ulvund is Associate Professor (PhD) in Theatre, with education from NTNU in Norway, University of Minnesota in the United States, and Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Her PhD thesis is a practice-led study in Echo Theatre, a new theatre method she has developed. The study confirms that while there is potential for Echo Theatre to support the development of performative and narrative competencies in students, the effectiveness of this directly relates to the teacher’s theatre knowledge and skills and didactic attitude towards the students.

Her focus as a researcher and center director revolves around theatre practice, arts in education and art for and with children. Marit has been with SEANSE since its founding, and as director is responsible for the center’s strategic vision, funding, administration and planning.

Karstein Solli
Karstein Solli

Mobile: +47 905 95 459
E-mail: sollik@hivolda.no

Artistic Leader Karstein Solli is a performing artist and a lecturer in acting, drama and theater communication. He graduated as a preschool teacher and has mime and theater education from Ecole Jaques Lecoq in Paris, Desmond Jones School of Mime, London and the Mime Department at the State Theater School in Amsterdam. He is a choreographer and a stage director and has since 1987 been producing solo performances as well as having large productions under his direction. Solli’s artistic work is often characterized as an intersection between dance, theater and performance. He has been touring in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, the United States, Brazil and in Chile. Solli is currently a lecturer in the BA study programme at Høyskolen for Dansekunst, Oslo. Since 1997 Solli has been a regular receiver of the Norwegian State Income for Artists.

Kristian Glomnes
Kristian Glomnes

Phone: +47 70 07 54 83
Mobile: +47 91 31 99 30
E-mail : kristian.glomnes@hivolda.no

Producer Kristian Glomnes
Through Seanse, he facilitates so children and young people will be able to experience and express themselves through art by arranging artist in residences, seminars, art workshops, webinars and conferences. With a background in Drama & Theater and pedagogy from Volda University College, IT in education from NTNU, marketing and IT management from Norwegian Buisness School, he works to strengthen the role of the arts in Norwegian society, and on the development and cooperation between the art field and education.

With a background in drama pedagogy and a love for technology, he sees a lot of connections between the fields, especially computer games (immersive), which has resulted in a three-part webinar series. All the webinars are available in their entirety online and were conducted in 2021-22.

Silje Elise Grevsnes
Silje Elise Grevsnes

Phone: +47 70 07 52 37
Mobile: +47 95 10 30 59
E-post: silje.grevsnes@hivolda.no

Producer Silje Elise Grevsnes holds a Bachelor of Culture and Social Science specializing in aesthetic subjects from the University of Bergen. She holds a master’s degree in social planning and management from Volda University College. Silje has practical experience with various artforms and has tried different subjects; from darkroom work to Chinese calligraphy. She has served as cultural director in the municipality of Lebesby for three years. There she was also a cinema manager and participated in many events, projects and productions. She has been a cultural trainee in Kom Trainee, where she among other things worked in the Opera in Kristiansund. Silje also has experience as a producer through the start-up of her own enterprise Kulturbygda.

Anne-Mali Sæther
Anne-Mali Sæther

Mobile: +47 97 17 88 82
E-post: annemalisaet@hotmail.com

Artistic Employee Anne-Mali Sæther is a theater director, playwright, project manager and theater educator. She has put on close to 60 performances and been a screenwriter / co-author for about 40 performances. With a broad directing experience; classical theater, figure, mask, shadow and music theater / opera, performances and outdoor performances. She has had productions at many institutional theaters and been a sought-after instructor in the free performing arts field. Previously she has taught, supervised, examined and participated in admissions juries at a number of art colleges and universities. She has an associate Professor degree and has i.a. led the acting education at the Academy of Performing Arts Norway, worked as a a part-time teacher at the Norwegian Opera Academy and at Oslo Met / HIOA. Anne Mali has received several awards for her work as a director and actress and several of her performances have been invited to international festivals and tours.

As an arena for the production of art, Seanse is unique in its combination of a residency, artistic and pedagogic guidance, economic support and providing practice audiences…There is also complete agreement that this role serves a purpose and fulfills a need.

Telemark Research Institute

Evaluation of Seanse

Høgskulen I Volda

Senase Art Center were selected to lead the Cultural Rucksack’s country-wide project INK2013 to improve art access for children and youths with special needs. Seanse’s main engagement does however continue to be supporting the production of art for and with children – since 2004 we have hosted almost 774 artist in around 363 productions.

As part of our work for children and young people in Norway, we also work with international actors to bring experiences from outside here. Seanse has with contributors from abroad arranged the Small Art Festival, which takes place every 3 years.

We know that good art programs contributes to children’s development such as problem solving skills, creativity, critical thinking and ability to adapt. Art is important as a way to reach and deepen understanding and access alternative perspectives. Through sharing our expertise, piloting new art practices, conferences, research, seminars and supporting high-quality productions, we work to improve art for and with children.

Board of Directors

Chairman of the board:
Johann Roppen
Principal, Volda University

Board Members:
Ragnhild Holsvik
Head of Arts and Culture, Møre and Romsdal County

Unni Hagen
Dean, Department of Arts, Volda University College

Artistic Council

Eric Booth
International art consultant and honorary Teaching Artist, New York

Johannes Joner
Actor, director and Teaching Artist, Oslo Nye Teater

Irene Rosenblom
Leader of the Cultural Rucksack (Nord-Trøndelag County)

Ellen Saur
Associate Professor, NTNU

Karen Nogva Augusta
Visual Artist

Mentor Staff, Volda University College

Seanse mediates contact with experienced mentors within many fields of study. Volda University College offers BA in animation, drama/theatre, arts and crafts, music, media production, kindergarten and teaching, child welfare and social worker studies, language, history and social studies, as well as several MA studies.