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Webinar on artist economics and self-report

In collaboration with Norsk Forfattersentrum Midt-Norge.

The course does not require any prior knowledge and it will be possible to submit questions along the way. If you are an artist and run for yourself or have a small company, this webinar can be a great help when you start your self-report. Open to all interested.

This webinar is finished, but you can see it in its entirety here:


- By Knut Alfsen, chairman of the board of the Norwegian Skodespelar Association.

How can artists ensure that they pay the right taxes and at the same time earn rights to sickness benefits, parental benefits and pensions in such work situations?

Self-report Mailing and filling
- By lawyer Harald Breivik.

He will give a short presentation of regulations regarding taxes and explain:

  • the difference between wage earners and self-employed persons
  • deduction possibilities
  • VAT
  • forms of enterprise
  • business statement
  • accounting requirements


Knut Alfsen

Knut Alfsen

Norway – puppet player

Knut Alfsen is a qualified puppet player. He has a master's degree in theater studies, and has extensive experience both as a performer and cultural administrator; bant anna as culture house director at Nøtterøy Kulturhus and director of Ålesund Theater Festival. Today, Alfsen is the association leader in the Norwegian Actors' Association and daily leader in the theater Levende Dukker AS. He has extensive experience in holding courses, and in giving advice on the special accounting technical challenges artists face when they alternate between a number of short-term jobs - partly as a temporary employee and partly as a (involuntary?) Entrepreneur.

Harald Breivik

Harald Breivik

Norway – Lawyer

Lawyer Harald Breivik has cutting-edge expertise in tax law and labor law is a sought-after course leader in the area. For the past 15 years, he has been our permanent lecturer for both Regnskap Norge AS and the Norwegian Auditors' Association. Breivik is also regularly engaged as a course provider for the tax authorities and has on several occasions held courses for the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Municipal Treasurers, for the Trondheim Chamber of Commerce and Tax South and Tax East.

The webinar is associated with the project LiM - Literature dissemination as an industry in Central Norway. The aim of the project is to link authors, literature communicators and organizers in the region closer to each other and contribute to professionalisation. Read more about the project here:

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This is the first in a series of three digital conferences. The next themes of the next webinars are: 

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