SEANSE are extending their mentoring scheme

SEANSE Art Center has applied for and received funding to an extended mentoring scheme for art and culture projects. We will develop a mentoring service for artists, art and social institutions at municipal, regional and national level in Norway, and in the future also internationally. The aim is to strengthen the quality of both art productions and art programs within participatory art.

SEANSE Art Center will offer a training program to establish an extended mentoring staff. This will give us the opportunity to offer and take on more assignments. The new mentors must participate in seminars, discussions, and have practice with co-mentors - all this to create a common understanding of what it means to be a mentor and what the work entails.


With more qualified mentors, we will be able to take on many more assignments than today, both of shorter and/or longer duration, all depending on the assignment and associated actors and target group. Since the start in 2004, Seanse has worked with the guidance of art productions with good results and feedback. This expansion has long been desired, and the funds make it possible for us to start the project!

We thank Møre and Romsdal County for the
consideration and the additional funds.