Småkunstfestivalen 2021

Oslo, Norway (BE, UK, DK, SE, NO)
Småkunstfestivalen 2021 was arranged in Oslo for four days. The festival consisted of art productions within theatre, dance, music and visual arts for children aged 0-6 years. The festival was a cooperation with the Norwegian Opera & Ballet and the Ultima festival.

Norway and Scandinavia are known to produce art of high quality for the youngest. The children get to participate and experience performances and organised workshops on their own terms. Seanse appreciates the children’s ability to get excited by different art expressions, and through the festival we hope to bring joy for babies, kindergarten children, families, and others as audiences. Seanses fourth Småkunstfestival had workshops, baby opera and dance with Norwegian artists and invited guest performances from Belgium and England. All arrangements took place around the city centre in Oslo and the festival had 353 children and 363 adults/parents visiting. Thank you to all who visited and contributed.

We look forward to the fifth Småkunstfestival in 2024.

Pictures from the opening ceremony of Småkunstfestivalen 2021


A seminar with an exciting thematic, with both national and scandinavian contributors.


10:00 Art experience | Choose between:
My shadow and me with Drew Colby (Deichman) or
Amors Varme, Baby opera (The Norwegian Opera & Ballet)

10:45 Coffe/tea and registration at Deichmansalen

11:15 Seanse welcomes,
w/ Marit Ulvund and Karstein Solli

11:30 Performing arts for the youngest - utopian moments and deepest seriousness lecture w/ Rebecca Brinch

12:15 Lunch

12:45 The redemptive power of music and children with special needs lecture w/ Lise Lotte Ågedal

13:15 The child in one self lecture w/ Catherine Poher

13:45 Coffe/tea break pause

14:00 Power, gender and criticism; reflections from creating performing arts for the youngest w/ Karstein Solli

14:20 Folk music elements w/ Marit Vestrum

14:30 Panel discussion with Rebecca Brinch, Catherine Poher, Lise Lotte Ågedal and Karstein Solli, Moderator: Marit Ulvund - Open for input

15:15 Closing comment

Lise Lotte Ågedal has a doctorate in music therapy and has worked for a number of years with children with special needs. The area of ​​expertise is music as language stimulation for children with speech difficulties. She currently works as an associate professor of music at Steiner University College and associate professor of pedagogy at OsloMET. In this lecture you will get an insight into how she has worked with children's self-expression through musical participation. This involves working with children who have language difficulties, children with social and emotional difficulties and children with various diagnoses such as autism and mental retardation. Ågedal is particularly interested in how we tune in to the individual child, and will describe in detail how this tinting can take place. Lecture: The redemptive power of music and children with special needs.

Rebecca Brinch has a doctorate in theater studies. She defended her dissertation Growing sideways: Themes, child vision and artistic design in Suzanne Osten's performing arts for young people, a study of Suzanne Osten's theater for children. She is currently researching a project funded by the Swedish Research Council, with a focus on migration and performing arts for young people. Her main research interests include performing arts for young audiences, theater for the youngest, reception studies, performance analysis and children's culture. Rebecca is a study leader in theater studies and teaches at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics and at the Center for Child Cultural Research, Stockholm University. In addition, she also lectures a lot outside the academy, and thinks it is important with the connection between academic research, the practical field and the surrounding society.

Catherine Poher works as a theater director and visual artist. Poher has been an artistic consultant, director and playwright in relation to a number of the best children's and group theaters and has contributed visual power, poetic magic and simplicity in production. As a freelance theater worker, she has been a central figure and has worked closely with key figures in the group theater tradition to create physical, visual and poetic performances that you can read more about in the book: “… And on the 8th day they started dreaming. Catherine has directed 5 Reumert-winning performances, and during her 40 years in Danish theaters she has helped to revolutionize the performing arts with her visual artist expression. Several performances have toured the world (Scandinavia, Europe, USA, Russia, Canada, Australia, Tasmania, Japan and China).

Karstein Solli has been involved in both the Norwegian Cultural Council's Soundbird projects for children aged 0-6 years in the 90s and Glitterbird EU project 2003-2006 with the performance See my dress for children between 0-3 years. As artistic director of Seanse, center for art production, K. Solli has been involved in programming three small art festivals for the little ones, the first at DH in 2012 and the last September 2018 in collaboration with Teaterhuset Avant Garden in Trondheim. Karstein is a stage artist and choreographer / director in Karstein Solli Productions. Senior lecturer in acting, drama and theater communication. Artistic director of Seanse, center for art production in Volda. He has studied at Ecole Jaques Lecoq mime and theater school, Paris, Desmond Jones School of Mime in London and the Theater Academy department of mime in Amsterdam.